Dr. Gregory Vanvakaris

   Strength & Conditioning Specialist
   Independent Disability Evaluator

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"Dr. Greg changed my life. I originally went to him due to torn rotator cuffs. The combination of treatment and physical therapy that he outlined not only got my rotator cuffs back in shape, but me as well. The program he set up allowed me to regain my self confidence in the gym and on the tennis court. I dropped 20 pounds and got in the shape of my life. There is a kindness and confidence to Dr. Greg that I find motivational and inspirational."

- Flody Suarez
  Executive Producer

"Dr. V's extraordinary knowledge of the body's mechanics combined with his technical, hands-on expertise has, over the years, helped me through severe back and joint injuries. What sets him apart from many other doctors, however, is the attitude he brings to his work which adds an empathy and enthusiasm that truly promotes the healing process. I truly feel cared for."

- Andrew Robinson

"I had been in a major car accident and had suffered severe damage to my lower back which made it impossible for me to move without pain. I lived that way for eight months until I was referred to Dr. Greg. Because of his skill and talent, I have been pain free for over three years. I feel completely confident when recommending him to friends and associates. His attention to detail and intuitive approach to healing I've not found in any other doctor."

- MariAna Tosca

"Dr. Greg Vanvakaris' approach is very comprehensive and thorough. With his deep understanding of sports and movement through his own long association with Martial Arts, he knows what to look for in injuries and what falls short of optimum function. Therefore, in therapy and treatment he is working from a position of personal experience both as the physician and the patient, which leads to the best possible attention and effectiveness."

- Orrin Sunyatha Ezralow

"Not only does Dr. Vanvakaris possess a profound understanding of the body, but as important to me is the deep caring he has for each of his patients. When I am with Dr. Vanvakaris, I quite literally know I couldn't be in better hands."

- Bruce Eckstut
  Voice Teacher

"As a firefighter my back is extremely important to me. So, when I injured it on the job I was very concerned. At the advice of a friend I went to see Dr. Greg. I felt great relief after only one visit and after only three visits, I was totally pain free. Dr. Greg was awesome, I recommend him to both friends and co-workers."

- Brian Sacramone

"I'm grateful to have a colleague and friend like Dr. Greg to care for my aches and pains as well as those of the people who trust me to steer them in the right direction for chiropractic care. Dr. Greg's meticulous technique and sensitive 'bedside manner', combined with both an academic foundation in sports biomechanics, as well as years of his own athletic experience, provide for optimal healing, function, and structural harmony. I wouldn't trust my body to anyone else."

- Brian Shiers
  Fitness Director

"My experience (having being treated and adjusted by chiropractors for over 20 years) concludes that Dr. Greg has what it takes to treat the whole body, using the latest and most effective equipment and adjusting skills. His big heart and brilliant 'table skills' give you the confidence and personal trust you need to have successful healing results."

- Seppo Viljanen
  Massage Therapist

"I have known Dr. Greg Vanvakaris for many years. He is a truly good chiropractor and really knows a great deal about fitness and how the human body works. Most importantly, he is a very intelligent and good man. And, he did not pay me to say this."

- Bob Saget

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